DELix is aimed to professionals interested in deepening their knowledge in the fields of data science and engineering.

If knowledge is power, then sharing and enhancing knowledge and information are an order of magnitude more powerful. The 3rd Platform and Innovation Accelerators are impelling all organizations to face the challenge of digital transformation. Information is at the core of the new digital ecosystem.

In this context, organizations will need to treat data and information as they would any existing asset, invest in a range of technology and people to distill insight into value, and invest in the establishment of organizational competencies focused on leveraging data.

The general focus of DELix is on all information transformation cycle, providing an updated view of the state of the art of technology relevant for of data science and engineering, and advanced analytics.

DELix 2019 will focus on BPM (business process management) and process mining. Past issues were focused on data privacy and security (DELix 2018) and data stream (DELix 2017)

DELix sessions are assured by reputed professors and researchers, but the approach to the subjects will cover from introductory to “middle level”. This makes DELix specially relevant for middle managers and technical professionals pursuing an update on data science and engineering!

DELix is organised by Técnico, INESC-ID and IDC Portugal.