Welcome to DELix!

DELix is aimed to middle executives and professionals yet not experts but interested in deepening their knowledge in the potential of data science and engineering to address business challenges and transformation.

Data is at the core of the new digital ecosystem. The 3rd Platform and Innovation Accelerators are impelling all businesses to face the challenge of digital transformation. In this context, organizations need to treat data as any asset, invest in a range of technology and people to distil insight into value, and establish organizational competencies focused on leveraging data.

The general focus of DELix is on the overall data and information management and transformation cycle, providing an updated view of the state of the art of related technology and techniques.

Every year we keep a fundamental core of classes and talks, but each year we propose a focus. DELix 2020 will follow the great success of the previous editions, this time focusing on Data Governance and Management – past issues focused on Process Analytics (DELix 2019) Data Privacy and Security (DELix 2018) and Data Streaming (DELix 2017)

DELix sessions cover 3 full days, and are assured by reputed professors, researchers and professionals. The level of the approach covers from introductory to intermediate. DELix is therefore intentionally designed for middle managers and technical professionals not yet specialised on data science and engineering, and not for experts! Also, please be aware that all the informative materials will be provided in English language, but sessions will be delivered in Portuguese language.

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DELix is organised by Técnico(especially addressed by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering), INESC-ID and IDC Portugal.